I love mentoring and training people and get great pleasure our of working with people to enable them to get the best out of their photography.

The mentoring sessions are tailored to the individual or small group so whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional I can offer you a bespoke package.


I have worked within the arts education system delivering workshops on many subjects and running training sessions for many years and I am a very experienced teacher. I strongly believe that given the space, the right guidance and learning through the practice of your art , you will be able to achieve amazing things. What I can do is guide you through the practical ways that will enable you to go on and achieve your photographic goals.

Having had to learn from scratch myself without much initial guidance I can offer you my unique perspective on portrait photography. I will work with you in such a way that will enable you to realise your potential, or at the very least leave you feeling inspired and excited and ready to try out your new found skills and knowledge.

Absolute Beginner

Learn how to use your camera fresh out of the box, and the basics of taking great photographs –all done in a practical and inspiring way.

Improving your photography

Learning new techniques and how to get the most from your camera, and playing with different techniques . Switching on to manual!

Taking great portraits

Looking at what goes into taking a really powerful portrait.


How to take great family photographs. Documenting your own life in a beautiful way.

The Photoshoot!

A practical Session exploring the skillset require to set up and direct your own photo-shoot successfully

It’s Up To You!

I will create a session based upon an in depth consultation with you. You decided what you would really like to focus on, and what skills you would like to develop. Then we do it!


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£70 Per hour * **
Half Day : £200 (One to One)
Full Day : £400 (One to One)

For two people Half day £150 each
Full Day £300 each

Three people Half Day £120 each
Full day £240 each
Included is in depth consultation prior to each mentoring session and refreshments
If a shoot is included there may be an increase in fee to cover models.

*(minimum two hours)

“Well, what a lovely, interesting and invaluable morning this morning was! One to one tutoring from the very talented Carolyn Mendelsohn – fun, informative and professional. My house is a mess and there was nothing for tea today as I have been practising techniques ever since the lesson! I can’t recommend Carolyn’s tutoring highly enough. Lots of practice from me now and then I’m coming back for more. Thank you Carolyn.”


“Amazing mentoring session with Carolyn today, not only is this lady truly genuine and lovely, but i came away with an increased passion for photography and some invaluable lessons learnt. Highly recommended!!”

Gemma – Blue Cow Photography

“Hi. I just spoke to my niece and she had a totally brilliant time – thank you so much. She said you’d offered her to go on a shoot which she said ‘ sounds sooooo amazing’ and I suggested we put another day in for the summer holidays if possible. Her exact words were ‘Carolyn was one of the nicest people ever and she knows A LOT about photography’. Thank you, you’ve inspired her!”

Sarah Brigham

“Just had a wonderful, inspirational one to one mentoring session from Carolyn. I’m itching to practice my portraiture and to get out into the moors. I’ve taken better portrait pictures today than I ever have and I know so much more now than I did before. I was apprehensive before the session but Carolyn put me totally at ease. I can’t recommend her enough! Massive thanks!”

Stephanie Parkes

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