And blog, and I have to confess something..

…..during the process I have managed to eat my body weight in sweets, develop a twitch and undergo a strange transformation into someone slightly bonkers – like a bear in a snow storm, which is ridiculous because as you know I am the most straightforward and linear thinking of individuals (;-)).

I have constantly harassed the lovely and hugely talented Melissa Love, and she is a complete Love too. Actually it wasn’t bad at all; you get two creative perfectionists working together one slightly crazy one and one very patient and clever and talented one and the result is what you see.



My heart is beating fast, and though I am slightly scared, I am also looking forward to your responses. I hope you guys love it. Take your time and look through it, scroll and click and see if spot the surprises.

Thank you so much to Melissa L, you have been amazing, funny, and brilliant, oh yes – very very patient. What an amazing process and a fabulous result.

Love love love to you all.

Carolyn x

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