In Memory
24th March
Happy Birthday Claire

In memory of the best of friends,
The best friend
who was always there
when ever needed.
Who was always there
with wise and sage advice

Who spent hours with me
dancing the night away.
Who spent hours with me
when my first baby was born
and I couldn’t sleep.
So she
being Claire,
Travelled for miles,
wrapped my brand new bairn in the sweetest hug
and put me to bed

In my memory of the best friend
who never complained,
who laughed at my jokes
who watched every single one of my shows
even if it meant leaving her own family.
Who unconditionally loved everything I did
even when there was no one else.
Who told me that I really should not give up
Because you thought I was rather good.

Who never judged
and always with great patience
gave the best advice

She was fun too
Full of life.
Full of modesty.
Full of spirit.

Because I listened
To her sage advice
I am here!
Whilst she being a wise soul
gave good non – judgemental words.

And Phil!
And her children!
Her beautiful children
named after flowers,
Still flourish
Because she
Gave them the best upbringing
and filled their lives with love
and warmth and fun.

They are testament to her.

I still speak to you Claire,
When I am stuck
When I don’t know what to do.
And when I am lucky
I hear your response.

I remember you saying to me
When you were so so ill
‘see Carolyn
you know all the answers yourself
you don’t really need me to tell you’

But Claire –
I do, I did,
And I want to thank you
For your wise counsel still.

Happy Birthday
I am older than you now
That should never have happened.

Happy Birthday
I miss you


Carolyn xx

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