A Busman’s Holiday

Every year at Easter we go on a long journey. It takes us far away from wuthering and wild Yorkshire, and we journey for a day and a bit to get there.

We travel to a place that makes us relax and breath more slowly and calmly; a place that has such a magnetic pull on us that we just cannot stop ourselves returning annually, and in-between times dream of living an island life..

It is beautifully, wild un-spoilt place that (when the sun is shining) can easily be mistaken for the Caribbean.

It means a lot to us.

We see our children’s lives telescoped in our memories, and we mark the annual changes. As we sit looking out to the horizon we remember when they were in prams, and wore nappies and when they swam in the sea for the first time. When they spent hours collecting beautiful yellow shells and making pictures with them. The way the sand sticks like silver to their skin so they appear like ethereal elves .The year they spent hours collecting sand hoppers, the year they disappeared because they had made friend with Island children, and last year – the year we got married, aided and abetted by the kids.

These magical Isles are located off the coast of Cornwall, in a south westerly direction. The journey is so worth it, and a day there is like a week relaxing elsewhere.

This year I was lucky enough to be able to mix work and relaxation, and photographically documented my time by visiting lots of beautiful and interesting places; hopefully there will be a selection of these in the next wonderful brochure.

It’s great being a photographer; it gives me the chance to explore, to meet people, to travel and to showcase the soulful, and meaningful images to others who would not have been there. The images you see are real and not set up so hopefully they capture the beauty, wildness and spirit of the islands as well as the family enjoying them.

Do scroll below if you want to see some images and if you want to know more do check out the Isles of Scilly Website, and if any of you want any travel tips I am happy to attempt to answer any questions.

Lots of love

Carolyn xx

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