Being Inbetween

There is something so so special about being in-between.
Being between ten and twelve,
The ages where you are neither small child nor even young adult.

I love this age
though I remember some painful things about it too.
Like the time at aged twelve on a balmy summers day, I spent the most part of the morning in my room plucking up the courage to go downstairs in a pair of shorts! I was only a small thing at that time, but incredibly self-conscious. Though I do remember those lime green shorts weren’t exactly subtle.

I remember walking slowly down the stairs to be met by a laughing parental comment
“Oh my goodness! Your legs look so chubby”
I ran upstairs mortified; feeling exposed, and I didn’t show my legs for years,
until a friend commented on her confusion about my attitude to my “chunky legs”. All those years covering up my stick legs thinking they were non-stick legs. Ridiculous and a little sad, it got me thinking about the being Inbetween age where one is so vulnerable.

It is a fascinating and interesting time. Whist you are being shaped in your soon be adult form, your opinions and believes, hopes and fears are emerging. There is a beauty to this age, one that is sometimes concealed in attitude, embarrassment and self-consciousness. But there is magic there too; that which comes with transformation and change, with learning and growth. Good and bad it is all contained within this age.
This age is the focus of my next photographic art work. An exhibition of portraits and accompanying sound installation entitled Being Inbetween.

If you know of a girl aged between ten and twelve who might be interested or would make a great subject, please do leave me a message.

If you can remember what it was like yourself please do leave a comment.

And whilst we berate our pre teens let us remember that within our adult selves, the small person we once were is still very much there and needs celebrating.

Carolyn x

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