I do do elopements!

The joy of weddings and marriage can sometimes become overwhelming, with the detail and the complexities of the event itself.
As a photographer I shy away from them.

However an elopement or a teeny tiny wedding is different.

Two people declaring their love and commitment for and to each other in the simplest yet most profound way.

Two people not worried about who will or who won’t turn up, who to invite and who not to.

There is something so simple and delightful about an elopement, and I have just come back from such a wedding in Whitby North Yorkshire
It was a treat.

I was working though it felt like playing,
with two people who love each other very much. With heart and soul.
Two people who were going to have a civil ceremony booked it, and then got an email from the office to say it had been cancelled!
They were so upset.
They rang up to ask why?

RR“ Oh so sorry it’s just a formality now that the law has changed”

L and A “Can we still have our civil service on that day then?”
RR “ Why? Don’t you want to have a marriage service?”
L and A’ Ofcourse!”

So I was invited to be Annabel and Laura’s Elopement Photographer.

To spend some time with them the day before, photographing and larking about.
In amazing Whitby North Yorkshire.
To be with them on their beautiful day.

Just the two of them, their two best men, and me.

To beautifully document the wedding and the befores and the afters. To document with heart and soul.

So I did, and I smiled whilst I took the befores and I cried as I took the photographs during their lovely ceremony.

We then played about on the beach with their two best men, and retired for a special tea and Champagne at La Rosa – an amazing little hotel in Whitby Town.

Thanks so much Annabel and Laura
You are such a real and beautiful couple.
Your love is wonderful to see, and it was a privilege to have been invited by you.
I wish you all the best for your future together.

Carolyn xxxx

ps. If you are interested in me documenting your tiny wedding or elopement with heart and soul please do get in touch. I can’t wait to hear about your plans x

Annabel and Laura Wedding Day001140724© 2014 C Mendelsohn-2


Annabel and Laura Wedding Day001140724© 2014 C Mendelsohn-3

Annabel and Laura Wedding Day014140725© 2014 C Mendelsohn


Annabel and Laura Wedding Day001140725© 2014 C Mendelsohn


Annabel and Laura Wedding Day006140725© 2014 C Mendelsohn



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