When you are creatively blocked

I have not written this blog for six months!
I can’t write sometimes: the words do not cascade out of my pen, and they certainly don’t tumble out of my mouth. I have always felt I was a little aphasic; forever loosing the word I want. The word gets stuck in my head and won’t reach my mouth. Or I have to describe the object in more than one word, when the name of it disappears. This has happened throughout my life.

It is apparent to me that when I am in a more stressful situation , for example, I have an interview, or I am presenting – the words find their way readily – but one cannot exist in a constantly stressful environment. So I tend to make a joke of it when I cannot find the words to express the thought or concept.

I think in pictures.

When I want to write, I start with a simple idea (a visual or emotional concept) and then let my pen express the thought, or my fingers tap out the sentence without engaging too much of my conscious mind.

Why am I writing this?
Because like this time last year I am in a state of winter stasis, though this one started in the summer (My body calendar is wrong). The fog lifted in December and now like a car on a cold day, I am revving up, slowly starting, and when ready pootling along, with the engine serviced and everything raring to go. Ideas are sprouting, and I am encouraging them to grow.

I find that my happiest place is batting about ideas with other people. These people don’t have to be fellow creatives, recently I have met some academics and the sharing of ideas and thoughts have been wonderful and led me into places that I previously had little idea existed.

This is not meant to be a gloomy post, just an honest one about my lack of writing .

There is a lot of excitement ahead.

My ‘Being Inbetween’ series is being exhibited in January at Art Link Gallery , Hull and has received an Arts Council Award. I am absolutely delighted. I am also collaborating with an old friend (composer Graham Coatman) on the sound I recorded as part of the work. We have worked together on various art works in the misty past, and it is great to have that opportunity again.


On Saturday I am going to the SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers ) convention. I can’t wait to meet up with photographer friends and I am delighted to say I have been nominated for Fashion Photographer of the Year with this image. Such a surprise.

Hannah-Aisling -01Sep15 ©Carolyn Mendelsohn 2015

On Sunday my plan is to go to the national portrait gallery and see various other exhibitions in London, before jumping on the train , back to Saltaire, filled with new inspiration to start 2016 with a positive attitude.

This year my words are simplicity and space.
But within this space I want to communicate with you.
What makes you tick?
What makes you grow?
What is your vision for the year?

Lots of love

ps you are invited to my exhibition x

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