Today I woke up and felt such a strong desire to return to the rose-tinted childhood that I remember; where everything was possible; where perfect moments could comprise of a comic book and a quarter pound of peardrops, being read sitting on the bed illuminated by a sun stripe. The childhood where I got such a thrill from cycling on my broken down bike down a steep hill using my feet for brakes. Where I could hide in small spaces and read books that would transport me to another more magical place that seemed as real as the world I inhabited.

There was a freedom to my childhood that I am so so grateful for, and one that I aspire to create for my children.

When I document my family’s life I love to take candid shots that enhance the memory and serve as reminders of those wonderful carefree times. Like wise, when I am taking commissioned portraits of children (though personally and artistically I am drawn to the more individual compelling image), I love to look at these playful and carefree moments in-between that happen during the shoot.

Today I am reminded of how lucky we are (here) to live with such freedoms, we can move about, and live in relative comfort and for the majority of us our children can play without fear and true hunger, and have a place they can call home.

Today, and in this moment I am feeling grateful.


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