Welcome to Kate T Parker, who I am delighted to say is guest Artist on my Compelling Portraiture Residential, and guest blogger here.

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Hey Everyone!

This is Kate, guest blogging for Carolyn. I am so excited about coming to this wonderful opportunity to teach, learn and travel. This is going to be amazing.

When Carolyn asked me about possibly coming to England to teach, I freaked out. Got myself back together. Freaked out again. (in a good way, of course). I’ve never been to England….and only to Europe once before. You see, I am kind of a scardey cat on planes. However, I hate to let fear dictate any of my decisions and once I learned that my family could come and we can make it part of our spring break…I was all in!

The Parkers take on Europe. Woop! Woop! (While we’re in England, we’re taking on London and Paris.)

A little about me….I am Kate. I live outside of Atlanta, Georgia with my husband, two girls (6 and 9) and two rescue pups. I am originally from the north, but have lived here since college and I love it. A big chunk of my family is here now, too. When I am not shooting, or editing, editing, editing…I love to coach my girls’ soccer teams, do crossfit with my husband, eat mexican food, watch crappy reality tv and sleep in on the weekends.

I’ve been a professional photographer since 2011 and before that worked as a producer for an advertising agency. My favorite things to shoot are children, especially my own. I love to record real moments in a beautiful, quirky, interesting way. I shoot a lot of different kinds of things, but am focused on commercial and fine art in the future. It is what moves me and drives me. I love to share my journey as well as work with photographers to help them discover their voice and what unique point of view they can show the world. I am an open book when teaching.

I am so excited and honored to be a part of the Residential.

Here is me and the family and a few recent favorite shots.


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