What is it?

Call it an event, a retreat, a happening, a course or as I do – a residential – I think I have found my special place by creating something that combines all my previous skills (I used to make large site specific art and theatre work) and bringing people/artists/photographers together to go on an especially liberating, challenging and inspiring creative journey.

The History

The October Residential in 2014 was a new venture, it worked and had all the ingredients to make an outstanding experience. I wanted to build upon it, nurture and grow it, so in March I invited Kate T Parker to be the guest artist, knowing that we had very different approaches to our work which would be interesting for photographers.

The Philosophy

I believe that there isn’t just one way to create wonderful imagery, there are many. I have my methods and ways of seeing the world, and I am very open in that I want to share them with you, this I do during the process. But my aim is for you (within the parameters of the course) to discover and bring to life your own vision, and to leave the residential with the confidence that you can create work with heart and soul, that is totally yours.

Guest Artists

I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it was to have Kate T Parker with us on this adventure, and (shhhh) we will be working together again sometime in the future.
And now,
We are about to have the wonderful Sarah Cornish of My Four Hens on the next residential. 14th September to the 17th September 2015.
Phenomenal! Sarah is such a generous photographer/artist/person.
A friend for about the past six years, I am very excited that we will be able to work together, and cannot wait to see what she brings just by being here.

unfortunately for health reasons Sarah is unable to make the journey to the uk on this occasion. However the absolutely phenomenal artist Jessica Drossin is. I am beyond excited as this will be a unique opportunity for all of us. Thank you Jessica . You will be perfect.

Group Size

The group size for these residentials is intentionally small, because I want to make sure that every individual no matter what their starting point is, has the opportunity to have time to grow, learn and to experiment and has the space to be creative.

The Venue and Hosts

The Venue Ponden Hall – is special.
Really special.
Steeped in atmosphere and history; on the edge of the moors; the right side of bleak ;with a unique beauty and the amazing Bronte connections that fit in so well with the nature of creating compelling Imagery.

The hosts Julie and Steve are really something else, as is the hospitality.

The Recipe

So we have the Artists,
We have the venue,
We have the hospitality,
We have the group.
The group is small, the group is special.

All of this adds together to create a unique , and for some people life changing experience.

There is something magical that happens here x


Photography by Melissa Stissi

Some of the feedback

“ My faith in training has been restored!! It didn’t feel like a bun fight for a shot. I didn’t feel like I had to do exactly as the trainer said, and there weren’t too many people. If anyone asked me to recommend training, this would be the first thing I would point the towards”

“ The whole delivery of the course was outstanding. The workshops were amazing and really helped the shoots each day”

“Today was phenomenal – I do feel like I have grown in confidence and loved being in control and planning the shots and looking for inspiration. I love that Carolyn gave us advice but let us take control of each shoot and that everyone shot differently”

“ Kate was fantastic, watching how she works and edits, the amount of information shared was far beyond any expectations”

“It was so awesome to see Kate shoot, and her approach to her edits”

“It was great to see another photographer’s (Kate T Parker) perspective and ways of shooting. Jam packed with information – again above and beyond”

“Carolyn, you have been so so generous with your time and experience, and in helping to build my confidence and for your patience in answering my silly questions and really making me feel like I can do it!”

“ I have had an amazing week. I really don’t want it to end. There is nothing I would change it’s been perfect. I now really know what images I want to produce for people. I can thank you enough. I am ready to give it all a proper go!”

“Loved the small size of the group and truly felt like a magical experience. I love the way the info was delivered and then taking the info and having a lot of opportunities to shoot and asked questions. S0 much information to take in – I feel a renewed sense of confidence on my journey.”

“Such a unique experience and I wish I could join in all the future ones”

Accommodation and Hospitality

“Amazing! Above and beyond what I imagined. Felt like I was in a story book”

“So generous and warm and felt like I was part of a loving home”
Steve and Julie went totally above and beyond and were so welcoming and giving and wonderful to share their home. The location is stunning and the food amazing”

“Julie and Steve are amazing, very caring, incredibly welcoming. The location was perfect. Far enough away from the everyday to enable you to be in the moment”

Booking for the September residential with myself and Sarah Cornish, opens on Wednesday 28th of April,

Do get in touch if you want to know more.

Love Carolyn x

Models: Hannah Muirhead, Joshua Brand and Rachel Hayton
Stylist: Caroline Brown
MUA and Hair: Lauren Rippin

2015-04-26_0002Photography by Liz Godfey


 Photography by Louise Raynor


wuthering heightsPhotography by Annie Armitage 

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